Thursday, February 15, 2001

Falling Off a 'Cliff'

"Cliff Notes to the Post's 'Deadlock' series," reads a Slate headline. You'll find "Cliff Notes" on 14,214 Web pages, according to AltaVista. I used Cliffs Notes as much as anybody, but apparently only I (and the authors of a pitiful 5,382 Web pages) remembered seeing an "s" in "Cliffs." I wish this didn't bother me so much.


Brandon Burt said...

My managing editor insists on "CliffsNotes"--without the space. I think this is silly, because it stems from the design of the Cliffs Notes logo--and the way Cliffs Notes likes to refer to itself.

As a (rather submissive) copy editor, should I feel humiliated every time I delete the space?

Bill said...

It appears to be a consistent name change, so no problem there.