Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Dubya Does Vegas?

Heard in a Golden Nugget elevator, in a piped-in description of the hotel's restaurants: "Exemplerary service."

Heard on the radio back in Washington, from a law-enforcement spokesman: "The officers made entry to the apartment and made apprehension of the suspect."

I made switching to another station. And then there's the "suspect." The report was about a guy who held a bunch of kids hostage in his apartment. He may have been "suspected" of other things, but in a report on the man who was holed up for hours, he is simply "the man." We know he's the one.

The best you're likely to get from a cop or a radio or TV reporter, of course, is "the individual," which is appropriate only when there was some question of whether conjoined twins were involved.

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Mike said...

This reminded me of a story I read in USA Today in mid-June about the beating of yet another black motorist by Los Angeles police. The line that chewed my brain was: Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger said the police would investigate to "thoroughly unpeel the layers of this situation until we get to the truth." Is this anything like de-boning chicken?