Thursday, February 10, 2005

(The) Globalization Marches On

I have added ordering links to the Canadian, British, French, German and Japanese branches of to my "Elephants of Style" and "Lapsing Into a Comma" pages.

Bonus content: Note that I used "Elephants of Style" in an adjectival reference to "The Elephants of Style." Nothing wrong with that; in fact, it's preferable. For a related reason, don't go capitalizing the in something like "the Hague-based International Court of Justice," even if you normally cap The Hague. In that instance, the goes with International Court of Justice, not with Hague.


Matt said...

What about this one? It bugs me, but I don't know quite why.

"The Elephants of Style's" guidelines are a help to any copy desk.

Bill said...

It is annoying when it's impossible to separate a name or title from its possessive baggage. That's one advantage of the italic approach.