Thursday, April 21, 2005

Rules That Aren't

I forgot to mention this to the empty-handed people in the room, but a handout for my presentation at the ACES conference in Hollywood is available here. Choose your format: Web, Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.

For a more frivolous look at the conference, see Off-Topic.


Steve said...

These things cannot be said too often. Though it's sad that they still need to be said at all.

You might be interested to know that Winston Churchill would be with you, not against you:

Wayne Countryman said...

Throw in a beer and gossip and this is as good as being at an ACES conference.
Thanks for sharing with those who didn't make the trip to Hollywood, Bill.

Ms. Yardbody said...
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Ms. Yardbody said...

Amen to your views on the so-called rule against using the first person. I always squirm when I read a sentence like "She showed a visitor her collection of used Post-it notes." So, the reporter was at the interview, as well as this mystery guest?