Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Some Science Professors Are More Political Than Others

A political science professor is just lazy, and a political-science professor is unnecessarily fussy when a professor of political science is such an easy alternative.

In the overcorrection department, however, I submit high school teachers of English. Think about these things, people; don't just let your knee jerk. Unlike a political science professor, which could mean either a professor of political science or a science professor who is political, or French professor, which could mean either a professor of French or a professor who is French, high school English teachers presents no ambiguity: If you wanted to write about English high school teachers, that's the way you'd write it.

(I, of course, would write English high-school teachers, but that's another topic.)


Meredith said...

Now, if schoolteacher wasn't one word, high school teacher could have a variety of meanings.

I am pretty sure I had a few high schoolteachers in my day.

caperated said...

That schoolteacher is one word is a good point. Does that mean the hyphen in high-school teachers is always unnecessary?

seudo said...

On a slightly related note: what should be the penalty for copyeditors who wrote headlines on Monday referring to the Supreme Court as the "High Court"?

Bill said...

Well, it is the high court. It shouldn't be capped except in upstyle headlines, but it's correct in that link.

aparker54 said...

No points off, then, for the bad joke?