Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hoo! Hoo!

It's that time again.

If I ever open a sports bar, it will be called the Superb Owl. Sunday's football game is the Super Bowl. Note that each name consists of two words.


MuPu said...

Yes, there might be some confusion if the game and the restaurant were both spelled as single words.

I read a magic handbook as a child that referred to a vanishing item as being "nowhere" -- which left me confused as to how it could be gone and also "now here."

For some reason that reminds me of that Steven Wright monologue about the name he gave his dog.

"Come here, Stay."

Frank said...

I think I'll start a company, maybe a record label or film studio, and call it "Second Dairy".

Maybe I'll open a bar for classical music lovers to discuss classical music, "Bar Talk".

I knew a girl named Heather. I wouldn't have minded having the opportunity to "heat her".

isles16 said...

Your comment on the Superb Owl was one of my favorite parts of Lapsing. I will forever refer to the big game as this.

I am now inspired to create an illustration of the Superb Owl for each of the years that it has been played. Each owl would be portrayed according to the style of the times. Alas, I have no artistic ability. Maybe I can get a friend to do it.

Brian Cubbison said...

This is a peeve I've been seeing more and more of. Next I expect to see references to the Worldseries or the Ncaachampionship.

Charles said...

I can see why this would be hard for people. The event in question is nigh-spontaneous, just 22 people coming together to play football, and certainly not run by an organization that has a Web site or two where one can see the official rendering.