Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Party Like It's 1995

Blog? What blog? There's a good old-fashioned lovingly-HTML-coded update back at The Slot.


theswain said...

This is more of a query to settle a "dispute" than a question on your blog.

I'm involved in a peer reviewed academic journal. The process of submission works like this: Author submits, double blind reader process (2 readers), if accepted, author works with editor to finalize piece. Now here's where our debate comes in. My next step would be that the layout and mock up is done next (in this case on the web since we're an online journal, i. e. the webcoder gets a "final" copy from the editor and codes it next), then to a copy editor, and then proofs to the author, and finally release.

Others thing the process should be to go from editor to copy editor to webcoder (and then presumably to copy editor again unless we have faith that no errors were introduced during the coding process or that the coder closed all the tags etc), then the author, then released to the public.

So I'd like to ask your opinion and share from your experience about which process is better, if any of them. Or suggest a better way.

Bill said...

"Politics" can be singular or plural. My politics are my own business, but politics is an interesting field of study. So I don't see "All politics is local" as an error at all, though an argument could be made for "are." The "all" might throw you for a moment, but think of somethinng like "All architecture is local."

??.A.D. said...

I am a web developer for the GPO, and I would love if your first scenerio worked. I hate designing the entire website, only to have copy edits afterwards. My design should have nothing to do with my clients' content. However, it never happens that way. My clients always make changes after they see their writing all done up and fancy. Also, I sometimes design an element without knowing something that my client knows. For instance, I could think that an intended subheadline is a headline, or I won't italicize something that needs to be italicized. Since I can't just take the copy and insert it in the web without doing some CSS styling and assigning, it's nice to have a copy editor review my final work. Good luck with the project. I hope you share the URL here when it's online.