Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Morning on the Links

Please welcome Jan Freeman, Evan Jenkins and Patricia T. O'Conner to my list of language links. Jan writes about language for the Boston Globe, with a generous sprinkling of Bill Walsh references; Evan, whom I'm looking forward to meeting at next week's ACES conference, is with the Columbia Journalism Review; and Pat is the author of the brilliant "Woe Is I" and "Words Fail Me." I've also renamed some of the links, favoring people's names over site names except with a couple of household-name sites (apologies to Philip Blanchard and Paul R. Martin).

I would have also included Nathan Bierma, but he's taking a break from blogging. He does, however, occasionally write about language for the Chicago Tribune, most recently reporting on the Arkansas legislature's resolution attempting to establish the proper possessive form for the state's name.

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Stephen Jones said...

Jan Freeman is excellent; good choice.