Friday, December 14, 2007

'Lapsing' Onto a Kindle

Hi, technology!

Just in time for holiday shopping, my first book, "Lapsing Into a Comma," is available for's Kindle wireless reading device. Just $9.99 for the book (and, uh, $399 for the Kindle).


Stephen Phillips said...

I'm just not sure if these electronic readers are going to become mainstream anytime soon. I see their value, especially with avid readers, but the literary type generally seem to be drawn to the look and feel of printed text, while the average reader wouldn't make enough use of the device to justify buying one for $399, plus the $10 per book.

Granted, the Kindle is several steps up from the electronic readers of yesteryear (new wireless downloads and built-in dictionary features), but when it comes down to it, Joe Consumer has to make a choice with his $400 of disposable income: the Kindle or the iPhone?

On that note, I think I need to read your book while I have some time in between publishing weeks at my paper. I'm going with the good old fashioned print copy.

Brida Connolly said...

Well, it depends on what you want. I looked into the Kindle but chose a Sony reader, which is really just a storage and display device.

The Kindle is absolutely cooler, though it is an ugly critter, but there's rather too much DRM and usage tracking involved for my tastes. But many people don't mind that, and I haven't heard that it interferes with usage.

I wouldn't care to have to read everything on a reader, but they have their place. And I have little doubt that paper books (and real newspapers) will eventually go away or evolve into a specialty market. But not for a while yet.