Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sound Familiar? It Will.

"Bruce is not a goaltender guy. One thing about Bruce, he's hard on goalies because he doesn't understand the position. And a lot of coaches that haven't played the position are usually that way. You know: 'Just stop the puck and get it done. Doesn't matter how or what.' That's something I've got to get used to because I've had Glennie here for so long and obviously being a goaltender, he understands the situation and the position."
That would be Washington Capitals goalie Olie Kolzig reacting to his treatment at the hands of the hockey team's splashy new coach, Bruce Boudreau.

As journalism continues to cope with often-misguided efforts to "do more with less," more and more copy editors will become familiar with the feeling of "playing" for somebody who doesn't "understand the position."


H. Philip Aster said...

That's a horribly frightening prospect.

Andrew said...

I live and work in rural western Kansas. Why? Grateful for a body with the skills, they pretty much leave me alone. Nobody in the command structure has ever played the position. When I do good they say so, and when I do bad they keep a straight face.

Dr. Zoom said...

Bill, it actually appears the Herald changed its mind.