Monday, March 24, 2008

Ask Merrill

Merrill Perlman at the New York Times is once again up to bat for "Ask the Editors." Any questions?


Girl with the Interesting Hair said...

so, did YOU post a question (under a pseudonym, I'd guess)?

Karen said...

Here's my sentence: "Switching could have consequences too: like paying extra taxes, possibly needing to learn a new business, and definitely having to re-orientate yourself to new players in new markets." My question is about the reflexive pronoun "yourself." MS spell-checker is insisting that "yourself" should actually be "you." But then the sentence would read "and definitely have to reorientate you to new projects," which is just not sounding correct. Your thoughts?

Unknown said...

How do we properly punctuate a long quote, one that is several paragraphs in length? I was told to use quotation marks at the beginning of each new paragraph, but not use them at the end of the paragraphs (excluding the the final one, of course). To me it sounds crazy, but I've been assured that it's correct. I also find it strange to demarcate paragraphs in someone's speech. What do you think?