Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton and the Dead Parrot

I love Monty Python. I love writing headlines for Dana Milbank columns. The twain met yesterday, and the options were too many and yet too few. I chose This Is an Ex-Candidate, but it wasn't my favorite Milbank headline. There were a number of runners-up. Did I choose correctly? Do you have a better idea? My other options:

  • Preaching to the Choir Invisible
  • Pining for the Rose Garden
  • Pining, or Passed On? (Jacqueline's idea)
  • Hello, Polly!
  • White Americans and the Norwegian Blue
  • The Palindrome of 'Clinton' Would Be 'Notnilc' (for true enthusiasts)

    Girl with the Interesting Hair said...

    "she's off the twig" might've been fun :-)
    can you point us to any other examples of headlines you've infused with MP wit?

    Mike Yuhas said...

    Definitely the correct choice.

    Next Milbank column: Obama as the Minister of Silly Walks.

    Unknown said...

    oh my goodness. this clinches it; i absolutely worship you as a god.

    Tahoe Editor said...
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    Tahoe Editor said...

    Not sure how 17 million people are a "choir invisible." That paints a curious image of Denver.

    Tina Russell said...

    I like "Pining, or Passed On?"

    Though remember, the only reason she's still on the campaign stump is that she has been nailed there.

    Bill said...

    Good one, Tina!