Thursday, January 29, 2009

Work at Home!

For years, people have been asking me about work-at-home opportunities for copy editors. Today, I finally saw one of some substance.

United Press International seeks a speedy, eagle-eyed,
English-language wordsmith with a strong journalism background to join
its copy desk.

The ideal candidate is an experienced grammar and style maven who
thrives in a fast-paced news environment, works swiftly and
efficiently on tight deadlines, and is quick with an extensive set of
Internet reference tools.

You must have an innate enthusiasm for dictionaries and stylebooks; a
proofreader's attention to the tiniest detail; a mastery of grammar
and composition; a passion for polishing copy; and a proven ability to
edit news stories for accuracy, clarity and fairness -- quickly.


-- Supreme command of the English language and a familiarity with
government, politics, international relations, history, economics,
current events and more.

-- Experience in all facets of daily copy desk work, including style,
grammar and libel issues.

-- Strong organizational, time-management and communication skills.

-- Bachelor's degree in journalism or related field.

This position does not include design work but requires strong
computer literacy and familiarity with Outlook, Word and Mozilla Firefox.

This is a full-time telecommuting position, Monday through Friday.

Salary determined by experience and performance evaluation.

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Jemila said...

Thank you thank you thank you!

~Alayna (from f'book)

Anonymous said...

By working at UPI, you shall realize the True Family of the Filial Child, the Loyal Subject, the Saint and the Holy Child of the Cheon Il Guk.

Give it a ride!

cattypex said...

I am very late, but "wordsmith" and "maven" are now bankrupt buzzwords, and should be edited out.

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