Monday, April 04, 2016

ACES 2016

By popular request, here is the slide show that accompanied my presentation at the 2016 American Copy Editors Society conference in Portland, Oregon. The usual caveat: I don't use PowerPoint (or do much else, for that matter) like a normal person. I put up slides to illustrate and punctuate my points, and to give the audience something to look at besides my shiny head. So you won't see bullet points spelling out everything I said. There is a fair amount of text, but in some cases you'll have to use your imagination.  
Rookie Mistakes That Even Veterans Make (PDF)


Deb Schiff said...

That wacky puppet or toy at the top of each of the slides distracted me. However, thanks for posting your slides.

Bill said...

Thanks, Deb. (That's a doughnut, by the way. A Voodoo Doughnut!)

I did not partake, but such comestibles were immensely popular at the conference. I can only assume that's because of the establishment's rigorous adherence to AP style on what others call "donuts."

Unknown said...

This is a great presentation! As a student at the University of Oregon in pursuit of a career in copy editing, I wish that I could've been in attendance at the Portland conference. Unfortunately, your upload of the presentation is as close as I will get to being there in person to learn from all of the experienced professionals in this field. Even viewing this presentation without your commentary, I was able to learn about clarity, brevity and the pursuit of extinguishing ambiguity.