Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hear Here

Here is the episode of the National Public Radio show "A Way With Words" that includes Martha Barnette's mercifully brief interview with me. It's an interesting show, co-hosted by Richard Lederer, but if you're the impatient type you can skip ahead to the 14:30 mark to hear my segment.

The link will be replaced with the newest episode March 19.


Peter Fisk said...

Bill, that interview was a home run. You were perfect. Nicely done.

Andrew Phelps said...


I was very excited to hear you in the tease for that episode! I turned up the speakers in my convertible to listen.

I was on that show last year and really enjoyed it. Were you in the studio?

Bill said...

No, they didn't pony up for a trip to San Diego. I was alone in a very small studio at the Post, being interviewed over a phone line. Rather disconcerting. I am grateful for the graceful editing that made me sound much closer to human than I should have.