Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's Not All Liver

A story came to the copy desk yesterday with "participate" misspelled so badly that all the spell checker could come up with was "part paté."


MuPu said...

And still, many people let spell checkers do their copy editing for them!

An even worse danger for these lazy idiots is "autocorrection," which takes it upon itself to supply whatever word it thinks the writer intended.

I heard about a flyer printed up a few years ago for a children's event. "Placemat" had apparently been mistyped as "placenat," so autocorrection supplied the obvious fix: "placenta."

Suzy said...

Here is a poignant spell check story: My infant daughter died in 1994. Her name was Sophie. When she died, a friend's school-aged daughter wrote a little story about her. She ran a spell check on the story, and it did not recognize "Sophie" and came up with the alternative "safe."