Saturday, June 21, 2008

They Like Us; They Really Like Us

On the heels of Lawrence Downes's sincere elegy to copy editors in the New York Times, Gene Weingarten tips his hat as only Gene can do in the Washington Post.

UPDATE: Chris Wienandt and David Sullivan respond to the Times piece.


Robyn said...

Excellent job! Thanks for posting.

Mo said...

Bill, I'm slightly surprised that you didn't link Jane Black's article about passive-aggressively correcting menu typos.

John Althouse Cohen said...

1 in 5 Washington Post copy editors don't run a spellcheck on the subhed:

More Than 90 Percent of Americans Believe in God, Study Finds

One in Five Self-Proclaimed Athiests Express Faith in Higher Power

Bill said...

Funny -- I was just laughing at the content of that "atheists who believe in God" angle.

(That headline wouldn't have been written by a Washington Post copy editor, for what it's worth.)