Monday, June 30, 2008

No, I Don't Have Any Blue Oyster Cult

I came across a refreshing usage at work last night.
Mark Rozell, a professor of political science at George Mason University, said the similarity of the attacks suggests a concerted effort to "build a picture" about Obama's character before the political newcomer has a chance to convince people of the truth of his rhetoric.
Yes! For once, concerted means "concerted"! The story was about various McCain operatives working together, in concert. That's right: To make a concerted effort, despite widespread usage, isn't to try really, really hard to do something. That would be, perhaps, a determined effort.

Even the notoriously permissive Merriam-Webster's dictionary doesn't accept the "trying rully, rully hard" definition.

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Vashti said...

I once worked for a manager who felt that throwing "twenty dollar words" around in memos added to his credibility. I got to proofread one of his works in which he exhorted everyone to "make a consecrated effort" to meet a deadline. Did he mean a "concerted effort," I inquired. No -- he wanted them to make a "devoted effort." I gave up.