Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A 10-Yard Infraction

This headline works well -- if the story is about a penalty in American

But enough about helping verbs. What's new with you?


Dave Strauss said...

Another missing helping verb (this one from the site): "Ex-con suspected in deaths of 8 captured in Ill."

My goodness! 8 people were captured in Illinois! And they died!

Grant said...

To make matters worse, all holding, by definition, is illegal in American football.

Bill said...

I'm generally puzzled by football penalties ("tripping"? "tripping"? Isn't that the whole POINT of the defensive game?), but wouldn't a tackle be a legal hold?

Unknown said...

Here's a funny one from our Web site today: Fred Meyer, QFC Ground Beef Recalled.

It was so good, I couldn't help reminiscing about it.

Nonetheless, I added an "is" to it being as it's linked to e.coli.

noneemac said...

Is it just me> The rhythm of Kimberly's headline sounds like some good ol' American football play-calling: Fred Meyer, QFC, Ground Beef, Recalled. Hike!

Jasmine Garcia said...

As a journalism student that enjoys copy editing, this is scary. My eyes are now more open to titles that just do not make sense.

Dave Strauss' comment made me laugh.