Monday, August 04, 2008

Hi, Tech!

Now that I've invited you to join the cause on Facebook, allow me to introduce The Slot on Twitter. It's taken me a while to warm to the Twitter concept, even though it's basically like my favorite part of Facebook, the status update, writ large.

But this seems to be what all the kids are doing, and so -- let's call it an experiment -- I've decided to do my tweet-tweet-tweeting not about the fact that I'm at Nationals Park or I can't wait for "Mad Men" to start, but rather about usage-related stuff too small to blog about. You'll notice a new module on the right side of the Blogslot page (though it doesn't always work), but you can also follow my feed on the Twitter site or on your mobile computing device or, heck, maybe your jet packs or your tattoos (but check the site just to be sure).

If you were already signed up, you would have heard me tweeting recently about the cruelly ironic squeeze on the dwindling numbers of copy editors, and the fact that nobody seems to include the CUNY part in references to Baruch College, and unforced errors by tennis commentators, and some insistent queries about the Burma-vs.-Myanmar dispute. Oops -- I guess that last part is far from being too small to blog about. Maybe someday.


lsm said...

You know you're behind the times when House GOP members beat you to Twitter. Just kidding

I just finished a blog about how news groups can screw up on Twitter check it out.


Jenny Igoe said...

So why were you at Nats Park on a day with no home game? :)

Bill said...

I could swear a game was going on when I was there last Friday, but a non-game appearance would not be unheard-of, given certain connections I have.

Jenny Igoe said...

Friday? Oh! My confusion was because of the Monday dateline and the "I'm at Nationals Park" statement. :)