Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wish I'd Thought of That

If you're not reading the Fake AP Stylebook on Twitter, you've missed the following helpful pointers:

  • Capitalize titles when they precede a name. Ex., King Kong, Captain Crunch, Count Dracula, Kid Rock.

  • Words that substitute for Ted Nugent are capitalized. Ex. Ten Fingers of Doom, Motor City Madman, Mr. Wango Tango, The Nuge

  • Use quotation marks to express skepticism: Cher’s “Farewell Tour,” Creed’s “Best Album,” Jay Leno’s “comedy.”

  • The word "boner” is not capitalized, regardless of size.

  • Dr Pepper doesn't have a period in it. An easy way to remember this is 'Doctors are dudes and dudes don't get periods.'

    (The real AP Stylebook is also on Twitter, if you need something to cleanse the palate.)


    Etiquette Bitch said...

    Okay, that "Dr Pepper" mnemonic is the STUPIDEST, wrongest thing in the universe.

    Doctors are not "dudes." Um, check your calendar, genius-who-wrote-that. It's 2009. Women and men are doctors.

    Graeme said...

    talk about missing the point, "Etiquette Bitch".